Welcome to Fuzzy Red Socks where a simple pair of socks can remind us to slow down, rest, reflect on life and feel rejuvenated by letting go.

Here at Fuzzy Red Socks we share ideas for slowing down our lives, taking stock of what is working and what’s not, and we find ways to take care of ourselves.  If you are a caretaker, or have experienced trauma or are just feeling the effects of getting older, stress may be affecting your health both physically and emotionally.

If you answer “yes” to many of the following questions (created by Elizabeth Anne Scott) you may be experiencing too much stress and your health could be at risk:

1. Do you find yourself getting less joy from your work and feeling a sense of burnout?
2. Do you find that you have a “short fuse’ these days, that you’re more sensitive, irritable, or easily frustrated?
3. Do you feel less social than usual?
4. Do you have another symptom that you think could be stress-related?
5. Do you experience tension headaches?
6. Are you losing your hair and suspect that stress may be a factor?
7. Is your blood pressure on the high side?
8. Are you experiencing adult acne that may be related to stress?
9. Do you often feel anxious about things you can’t control?
10. Have you experienced weight gain or weight loss that you suspect is due to stress, or are you storing more fat in your belly lately?
11. Do you experience stomach aches or gastrointestinal issues like constipation or IBS that get worse with stress?
12. Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because your body is tense or your mind is racing with stressful thoughts?
13. Do you have a general feeling of being overwhelmed by everything you’re dealing with right now?
14. Do you have more difficulty with decision-making and concentration these days, or find that you’re forgetting things more often?
15. Do you find that your libido has decreased, or that you’re just too tired for sex?
16. Do you find muscle tension, especially in your neck, back and jaw?
17. Do you find yourself drinking alcohol more to relax, smoking to deal with stress, or using other “vices’?
18. Have you become an Emotional Eater? (Do you find yourself eating to cope with stress, or craving sweet or salty food more than usual?)
19. Do you find yourself feeling fatigued or exhausted?
20. Do you find yourself getting sick more often than usual?

If by now you are shaking your head and saying to yourself, “So, stress did all this to me?” then welcome to fuzzyredsocks.com, a place where we share our ideas while on a journey towards self care through rest, reflection, and feeling rejuvenated.

Elizabeth Anne Scott is a wellness coach, author, health educator, and award-winning blogger with training in counseling, family therapy, and health psychology. http://stress.about.com/