A Year In Review (Part 3 of 3)

Here we go with Part 3 of 3 of “A Year of Self Care in Review.” From my previous two posts, the topics “Choose A Word of the Year” and “Using Rituals to Reduce Stress” were favorites with many. Here are the last 7 to check out. Which topic might be just the thing you need to make self care a priority in 2019?  

“Make yourself a priority and choose one, just one article to read, decide what action you’ll do for yourself, then post a comment telling the world your new intention.”

As I’ve said before, you deserve the time to think about YOU, to think about being kind to yourself, to practice some self care. Make yourself a priority and choose one, just one article to read, decide what action you’ll do for yourself, then post a comment telling the world your new intention. You won’t regret making YOU a priority in this new year. I guarantee it.

  • Invest in Yourself – Investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can have. Whether it’s investing in learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your creativity or hiring a coach, you need to give to yourself first before you can give to others. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/invest-in-yourself/
  • Noise Hurts. Silence Heals – The value of silence is felt by everyone at some point in their life. Silence is comforting, nourishing, and cozy. It opens us up to inspirations and nourishes the mind, body, and soul. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/noise-hurts-silence-heals/
  • Let Nature Heal Your Soul – Trees, rocks, rivers, and other things in nature just are. A river doesn’t consciously think about carving a canyon, it just does. A mountain doesn’t decide how to be shaped, it just lets itself be influenced by wind and glaciers. And when we humans are in nature, sometimes we’re inspired to just let ourselves be. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/let-nature-free-your-soul/
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and More – Come along and learn more about the major pillars of a mindfulness practice and the perfect place to start to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your life. They are Acceptance, Beginner’s Mind, Letting Go, Non-judging, Non-striving, Patience, Trust, Gratitude and Generosity. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/mindfulness-meditation-and-more-oh-my-part-1/
  • Make Time to Save Time – People who manage their time well are happier, less stressed, and overall healthier in mind and body. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/make-time-to-save-time/
  • Get Some Sleep – Once I made getting enough sleep a priority and a huge part of my self care journey, so many other things improved in my life. Read these tips for getting more sleep. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/get-some-sleep/
  • Make Time for Self-Reflection – It’s in my time by myself, journaling, reading old notes from retreats, workshops and coaching calls, meditating and just being free to dream, that I can take stock of what I know to be true for me and what is important for my day-to-day happiness. https://www.fuzzyredsocks.com/self-care-self-reflection-happiness/

Read more tips for self care at Fuzzy Red Socks

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  1. I am reflecting on your reminder to invest in myself and I can vouch for the truth in that suggestion!
    This past year and a half I have invested a lot of time and practice with golf, a new (and often daunting!) endeavor with all its intricacies and skills. It has taught me that I have more courage and perseverance than I ever imagined…and that it’s okay to “fail” with one shot…because you can face the next ball and begin fresh again, learning from the previous shot.
    Also, each new shot teaches me to let go of the previous one, good bad or neutral, because I need all of my mind and body present for the next one!
    So many wonderful life lessons are packed into each new experience we take on…but we would never learn them if we didn’t allow ourselves to try something new.
    I also would never have forged the wonderful new friendships I have made through playing this game either…what blessings I have discovered!

    So investing in myself with the struggles and successes of golf has rewarded me with a much bigger payback than if I had said “Yes” to the fearful voice that tells me “You’re incapable, so don’t even try.”

    Thank you for encouraging us to keep on trying new things, Carole.
    You’re right: What we give first to ourselves enables us to more fully give to others and to our world!?

    1. Post

      Congratulations, Janelle, for trying something new and practicing one of the attributes of Mindfulness, Beginner’s Mind. Golf is hard! I gave up years ago. Keep up the good work, one shot at a time. Thanks for stopping by.

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