Choose Joy


160_F_83597201_tinLYCuMOS6xocENAHe75PLONqGdzGYiI have often used my mantra “Choose Joy” to get me through many dilemmas in my life. When my parents were sick and nearing the end of life I tried to focus on the joy of having them close to me here in California rather than 3000 miles away in Ohio. When my health was being challenged I tried to focus on the great information I was learning about my body. When my husband and I argue or my teenage daughter is being self-centered, I try to remind myself of all the love they have shown me in the past.

It isn’t easy, but I find the more I practice this, the more it works. Another example is as I am learning to play the guitar, I am focusing on the few barres I can play well and how I can sing them loud and proud. That takes my mind off of all the difficult barre chords and boring scales I have to practice. I think of the JOY that singing loud and proud brings me and the rest just melts away.

Susan Iida-Pederson, motivational speaker and founder of Choose Joy and the Joy Keeper, is always reminding us to choose joy. She recently said it best:

JOY is the highest energy of all. It is the magical sense that everything is possible.”

And, for anyone facing a dilemma or decision right now, here’s one way to decide… and the rest of the above quote….

“The answer to your question is the route that brings you the most JOY.”

This one decision changes everything for the better. Because when you feel good … you act. And when you act from a place of joy … your outcome can only be positive!

Choose joy!


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  1. Loved your blog…What a wonderful way to share Joy by writing about Joy.


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