Watching the Clock

ClockI know something’s up when I check my watch in Yoga Class and say to myself, “When will it be OVER?” I know I’m sliding down a slippery slope when I am going over my to-do list while in downward dog. And then the next day I choose to skip yoga all together. This past week has been like this. I realized I was losing focus while meditating. So I just chose to not meditate at all – add to that eating poorly including too much sugar and skipping lunches. By the end of the week I spent an entire day feeling lethargic and wanted to do nothing but crawl back into bed. At 10 a.m. I wished it was bedtime so I could go to sleep and start over the next day.

These dark days sneak up on me usually because I have stopped doing the things I do for self care – the things I know allow me to rest, reflect and feel rejuvenated. That’s when depression hits and even the bright Arizona sun can’t help me get out of the funk.

I’m getting better at recognizing these days and have a plan for them. If I’m lucky and they happen on a weekend with no appointments or commitments, I put on my fuzzy red socks, make a cup of tea, and curl up with a good book on my comfy couch. I get out my Top 100 Things to Pamper Myself List and pick one or two. This week, once I realized what was going on, I chose to take a walk after dinner with my husband. I immediately felt better. Then I made a list for what I’d do the next day to make sure the darkness didn’t return. I went to the grocery store and bought salad makings for a healthy lunch, I made plans for the evening to do something fun, and I got back to my writing with this post. Eventually, I forgot what time it was and started to feel like myself again.

Today I feel the cloud cover is gone and I have my mojo back. Once again, taking care of myself got me back on track and made me feel whole. In fact, I think today I’m not even going to wear my watch.

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  1. I’m solar powered, too. Kudos to you for getting back into the rhythm of caring for yourself. One suggestion – get something yellow. A yellow pillow or scarf helps when the sun is hiding.

    1. Great idea, Lani, thanks for stopping by. Yes, yellow is also the color of the third chakra, the energy source in our bodies for grounding and owning your own power. No reason to have to rely only on the sun for that!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! You have to come back here soon so we can plan another fuzzy red socks retreat. I just got in inquiry from one of my clients for March next year. 😉

    1. Hmm, sounds like a real possibility. I would be honored to partner with you once again. I am also hoping to conduct one here in Arizona before that. Let’s talk!

  3. You are so brilliant! I never seem to be aware of my”needs”until I’m so far down the hole it takes me a long time to crawl back up. I think I admire most your simple solutions – a walk after dinner with hubby. What a wonderful “cure”. Thank you so much for sharing your innermost thoughts, and the process you go through to find sunshine and delight in the days!
    Keep up the good work, and it is work!

    1. Charlotte, thank you so much for stopping by. Isn’t it nice to know that it can be the simple things that create big impacts. Hope to see you soon.

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