Year In Review (Part 1 of 3)

How Will You Choose to Self-Care in 2019?

I get it. You meant to read every single article I wrote in 2018, but every time Fuzzy Red Socks came into your inbox life got in the way. Maybe you had great intentions of being more kind to yourself or taking more time to eat healthy or exercise more. Maybe you meant to try meditation or read more about mindfulness. Then something more important jumped in front of you and your attention was diverted to that to-do list, or that next email, or that next fire that needed putting out NOW.

Some of you have successfully included self care into your daily, weekly and monthly routines – you’ve knocked my fuzzy red socks off with your commitment to your well being. Congratulations! And please keep sharing with me how your life has been enriched and what’s working and what’s not.

. . . you’ve knocked my fuzzy red socks off with your commitment to your well being.

But if that’s not the case for you, I’m here to tell you that you are worth spending time to think about YOU, to think about being kind to yourself, to practice some self care. So, over the next three posts I am giving you another chance. I have summarized for you each article and then provided the link so you can read more. Make yourself a priority and choose one, just one article to read, decide what action you’ll do for yourself, then post a comment telling the world your new intention. You won’t regret making YOU a priority in the upcoming new year. I guarantee it.

. . . choose one, decide what action you’ll do for yourself, then post a comment telling the world your new intention.

  • Choose a Word of the Year – Reminding myself regularly of a simple phrase that represents a new way of being, an area of my life I’d like to improve, or a new habit I’d like to embrace has proven to be a great tool for self-improvement and self care.
  • Be Your Future Self – Who is your BEST self? Pull out all the stops and describe that person in detail. Write it down. And read it daily. Tell someone you trust about her and support each other in the process.
  • Listen To Your Body – Ask yourself and your body curious questions. Being really busy doesn’t mean you’re living your best life. Spend time being with yourself and your body, feeling into it, and paying attention when it becomes too difficult to do so. Talk to your body, ask it what it needs, and be willing to listen with patience and non-judgment, sometimes even in silence.
  • Choose Love Over Fear – I realized early in my self care journey that I can choose to use fear as a tool, rather than allow it to paralyze me into non-action. I can often see it as a sign that growth is around the corner and that a new opportunity exists. I can see that where there is fear, there can be love.
  • The Perfect Time for Self Care – Even when things aren’t perfect, in fact, especially when things aren’t perfect, that’s the perfect time for self care. That’s the perfect time to silence our gremlins or critics in our heads and lean into everything we know about self care. Here’s an example of when I did just that.
  • Clean Up Your Inbox – If one of your new year’s resolutions is to clean up your inbox and de-stress your life, thereby providing a good dose of self care on a daily basis, try the ideas listed (in this article). Can’t mentally wrap your brain around deleting all 3,273 emails at once? Start today to incorporate three simple steps and see how quickly you can transform your inbox into a place of empowerment instead of a place of high anxiety.

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  1. I love your Year In Review, Carole!
    You’ve made it very easy to access all your 2018 ideas all in one place…reminding me that one of the things you’ve taught me about self-care is…
    The importance of organization!
    So as part of organizing my life for 2019, I am choosing a word of the year: Trust.
    Trust means I am choosing to love myself and care for myself enough to believe in my ability to accomplish what I set out to do.
    Trust means I listen to my own heart after taking in other data and deciding what “fits” best with my heart….
    Then taking an action even when feeling vulnerable.
    Trust means not doubting myself…
    Because I am actually stronger than I think.
    There’s a lot more to “Trust”…
    But even just having a word that is my very own…
    It’s kind of like having a close friend who supports you in doing what is good and right for you…
    Someone who has your back
    And won’t let you down.

    So I thank you for reminding me to add to my life this new Friend called Trust.
    We have already had a great day together this first day of 2019 and so are on our way to more adventures!
    Much love to you, Carole, for all you do and all you are!??

    1. Post

      So glad you like the idea of a word for the year. I’ve been doing this now for over 10 years and it has been very helpful in keeping me focused. I use it in my intention at the beginning of yoga class and before I meditate daily. I love your word trust and look forward to hearing how much more you trust yourself by the end of the year. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a great post Carole and a lovely reminder of all the goodies you shared during 2018.

    I didn’t get to read all of them so I had a look at your list and picked one that spoke to me right now and it was Choose Love Over Fear.

    What a lovely poem. I copied it onto my desktop and I am going to read it every day.

    I decided to have a Tarot card reading on Friday to see if I was still on the right path and to give me some hope for the new year. I know that I have all of the answers within me but sometimes it good for a little confirmation. Well I really regret doing it as all it did was fill me with fear. I have been battling all weekend with that voice in my head telling me all the horrible things that could be in store for me in the future. My stomach is in knots and I feel like I have fallen off my perch. That said I know I have to keep telling myself not to fill my thoughts with fear but to choose love and as the poem said “open my arms and fly with it.” So your post was just what I needed in my life right now – thank you.

    1. Post

      So glad the poem was timely for you, Claire. It really can be overwhelming to imagine all that “might happen.” Here in the States we seem to be in a time that is causing much more stress and fear than ever before. Using fear as a friend and not a foe, seeing it as a tool to remind me to go to love in those most vulnerable times has been huge for me. Yes, please open your arms to all the love I know you, the Master of all things Happy, have inside you and have so graciously shared with many, many people. Thanks for stopping by, Claire.

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